Who Are We?

Emre Montage, founded in 1999 to provide turnkey installation services for its cliets with the priority of smoothand continues customer satisfaction.

Emre is servicing nearly all the brands and signage manufacturers in Turkey and is able to service in CIS andEMEA Regions as well.

The team is consist of 51 installers and can be increased up to 100 people when needed. We have 17 fully equipped vans and 2 supervisor cars which are ready to move and finalize any kind & size of project. All the vehicles are under realtime control with GPRS system. All teams report, photograph and email the installation results after the completetion of the sites. We archievethese documents weekly and send to the customers periodically if requested.

The team members are educated / trained and certified with the neccessary health and security programmes and certificates.

Our Mission

We are closely following all developments in the sector and renewing ourselves according to these developments.

We continue our path without sacrificing any unconditional customer satisfaction that we consider this as our permanent principle. We aim to offer the quality service to our customers with the shortest time and the best cost based on our field experience that we have for many years.

Our Vision

Our company has set out the principle of trust first and has always aimed to give quality service to its customers. The goal of our company, where technology is used more frequently to improve quality standards, is to be the fastest, highest quality and most economical installation service of the advertising industry.

For this, we closely follow the innovations brought by science and technology, and use the latest technology in equipment and field teams. After installation, maintenance, site production and replacement parts are supported by services such as always keeping customer satisfaction in front.